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Alpacas of Norway

About us


Welcome to the farm

Hornindalsvegen 753

Alpacas of Norway was established by Connie and Olav Reidar Haugen in 2005.

We live and work with alpacas in Hornindal, a beautiful valley on the border between Møre and Romsdal and Vestland at Europe's deepest lake, Hornindalsvatnet.

The valley lies between the fjord and the mountains and is part of what in tourist parlance is called "The Golden Route".


What we can offer

Animal welfare

Award winning fiber

Advice at start-up

Our goal is to help start a new niche industry in the form of alpaca farming. With the great and increasing interest in alpaca farming among Norwegians, we see that there is great potential.

We are actively working to ensure that more people open their eyes to these beautiful animals and the opportunities that come from investing in alpaca farming.

We will also continue to invest in imports, farming and further distribution. We are more than happy to give those who are interested good guidance and support in the process.


Our history

The alpaca farm in Hornindal

The idea to start with alpacas goes back to a visit to Connie's family in the USA where we discovered alpaca farming. They have been farming alpaca there since 1983, and the USA is the country outside South America that has the most alpacas.

A journalist friend had just prepared an article about alpaca farming in the USA. There it was a billion
industry already.

After arriving in Norway, we started to investigate on the possibility to start alpaca farming, and in 2003 we decided to apply for an import permit for 15 alpacas from Chile through a mentor in England. It took almost a year to get the license in place. At the time, there was little knowledge of alpacas in Norway.

On New Year's Eve 2004, we imported the first 15 alpacas ever imported from Chile to Norway. Since that time, Alpacas of Norway has taken in nearly 100 alpacas through several different imports.


Increasing interest in alpacas in the world

Our long-term plan is to focus on establishing a new industry in Norway. There is great interest from both the media and the public. Since our first import, we and others have imported and bred alpacas so that today there are between 4,000 and 5,000 alpacas in Norway.​

In 2009, the Norwegian Alpaca Association was founded. The association currently has around 250 members with herds from 2 to 250 alpacas.

From 1983, when the first alpacas came to the USA from Peru, alpaca farming has spread to Australia, New Zealand and Europe. England is the biggest in Europe, but now China has also started investing in alpacas. The origins of alpacas can be found high in the Andes in Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

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