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Do you want to start an alpaca farm?

Alpaca farming

If you are interested in starting up with alpaca farming, just get in touch for an alpaca chat.

We can offer good follow-up further in the process, or offer to cover from one of our top stallions.

Delivery has been carried out by ourselves, partly so that we can also see the locations where the alpacas will be and the opportunity to give advice in case of questions on site.

We grow every year and now we have to sell some of our herd. All have given us great offspring and all are premium alpacas.

Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Quality in the bottom line

Right from the start, we have been focusing on to take one step at a time. In the first 3 years, we concentrated all our work on building up a good base strain of alpaca in Norway.

Quality in the bottom line is decisive to succeed. There are now over 25 alpaca producers with a total of over 200 alpacas. Thus, the foundation is laid with a view to distribution of the wool that is produced.

At the same time as the animal must produce a lot of wool, it is important to maintain the quality of fibre. The advantage of producing wool in Norway is that we can fully guarantee the quality of the product.

This results in the fiber on our animals being of top quality.

Do you have questions about starting up?

If you are planning to invest in alpacas, you are welcome to have a non-binding chat with us.

Call  (+47) 905 66 622 or send us a message via the form below.

Thank you for your message, you will hear from us soon.



Our goal with alpaca farming is to help ensure that alpaca can become a future oriented, sustainable and profitable industry in Norwegian agriculture.


Olav Reidar Haugen

Breeding alpaca in Norway

The goal of investing in systematic breeding is to increase the amount of fiber per alpaca and at the same time get finer (less) micron.

The population of alpaca globally is still at such a level that the production of fiber is not yet a large industry, but it will come, the demand is there.

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